3 Wildly Popular Ways to Leverage AI in Hospitality Sales in 2023

3 Wildly Popular Ways to Leverage AI in Hospitality Sales in 2023

AI in hospitality sales is soaring in 2023, as the industry seeks potent uses for new technologies, to level up sales and customer experiences. In fact, AI-powered solutions are transforming the way hotels, venues, bars and restaurants are interacting with target audiences, to drive business and increase ‘spend per wallet’.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the key ways AI is augmenting traditional sales approaches, this year and beyond…

How are Businesses Using AI in Hospitality Sales?

Whilst AI in hospitality sales isn’t a new concept, many businesses are still approaching it with caution. After all, the hospitality and events sectors have always been people-centric. Sales are highly human interactions.

But truthfully, AI can help you work smarter rather than harder, maximising sales and minimising costs, with innovative tools such as:

  • Chatbots – These clever pieces of software mimic human conversation to communicate with your customers. And they’re one of the most notable ways to harness AI in hospitality sales, by providing quick and efficient 24/7 assistance without the need for human intervention. It’s a useful resource to have in your toolbox in today’s ‘always on’ world, enhancing the customer experience by reducing wait time for basic information. Additionally, chatbots save you time and resources, lessening the need for out of hours support for matters that don’t necessarily require a personal touch.
  • Personalised Recommendations – AI analyses customer data to provide personalised recommendations based on factors like:
    • Ø  Customers preferences
    • Ø  Previous purchases
    • Ø  Browsing history
    • Ø  What other customers with similar preferences have booked

For example, hotels can use AI to suggest room upgrades or dining experiences.

Open Audience’s Leslie Robertson underlined the power of this type of AI in hospitality sales in his recent Conference News article Unmasking the tech landscape in 2023. He explained how “McKinsey’s ‘Next in Personalization Report’ told us that 71% of consumers now expect personalisation when engaging with a business, and 76% said they get frustrated if they do not find it”. That’s a persuasive three quarters of your target audience wanting relevant messages to inspire them!

  • Marketing Communications – A powerful combination of data and analytics empowers you to identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour to create targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, AI can help you create targeted email campaigns, social media ads and push notifications tailored to a specific customer’s interests and behaviours. This can translate into greater effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, as a result of tailoring your offerings to meet genuine wants and needs. Plus, it’s a lower cost, higher impact solution that only targets the customers likely to respond positively to a campaign.

As the technology continues to evolve, it’s clear AI will play an increasingly significant role in the future of the hospitality industry. Can you afford not to join the revolution?

Are you intrigued by the potential of AI in hospitality sales, but unsure if it’s the way forward for your business and your customer base/s?  Get in touch with us at Selling Savvy for an informal chat about your current sales situation and your aspirations for the future.

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