4 Reindeer Ready Ways to Maximise Your Diary Space and Revenue at Christmas

4 Reindeer Ready Ways to Maximise Your Diary Space and Revenue at Christmas

The ability to maximise your diary space and revenue can make all the difference between banking your Christmas bonus – or not. Well, deck the halls and jingle those bells, because it’s that time of year again!

Thankfully, Team Selling Savvy have the inside scoop on how to maximise your diary space and revenue, resulting in wins for your clients and your business. Read on for four of our favourite merry and bright hacks…

Twinkling Tips to Help You Maximise Your Diary Space and Revenue at Christmas

Let’s dive headfirst in to some of the most effective methods you can bring in to play to maximise your diary space and revenue at Christmas:

  • Weekday Wonders: Weekends are as popular as a Gluhwein at a Christmas market. So, you might need to cajole your prospect to think about an off-peak weekday celebration. What are the benefits, besides the fact they’re often Hobson’s choice for last minute enquiries? You need to pitch the allure of a Wednesday Wonderland or a Tinsel Tuesday. Approach it as a plum pudding opportunity to offer a better value and potentially more enjoyable experience than packed and pricey peak nights.


  • Lunch is the New Dinner: The most sought-after Thursday and Friday nights might have flown off the shelves months ago. But that doesn’t mean a festive full stop. How about dangling the honey-glazed carrot of midday merriment instead? A major upside for bookers is the prospect of maximum attendance. This is because most people will jump at the chance of the afternoon off, rather than trying to cram yet another seasonal soiree in to their already over-stuffed diaries.


  • Sweeten the Pot: You might need to pour some sugar on it if your intrepid prospect seems hesitant. This might mean throwing in some elf-approved treats to tip the scales in your favour. As always when you’re incentivising clients, carefully crunch your numbers to ensure you’re making an offer they’d be mad to refuse, whilst not adversely impacting your bottom line.


  • Treat Your F&B Team to Some Upselling Training: Don’t forget about your F&B colleagues. Just because they’re in kitchens, behind bars and waiting tables doesn’t mean they don’t contribute to the end game. In fact, they’re the final line of attack for upselling on the night. So, why not give them some training to supercharge their confidence? Them, sit back and watch the rounds of cocktails, additional nibbles, and premium champagnes flying off the shelves. All of this extra incremental spend will skyrocket your profit margin. Win:Win!


At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking outside the gift box when you want to maximise your diary space and revenue over the Christmas period.

A bespoke in-person or virtual Selling Savvy negotiation and upselling workshop might be all you need to celebrate the season. Get in touch for an initial, non-obligatory chat about your current situation. And may your December diary be filled with joyful jingles and tinsel-tastic triumphs!

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