6 Step or Bespoke Mentoring Programme

6 Step or Bespoke

Mentoring Programme

Result: Your proactive team members will learn time-management skills

and we will fine-tune their approach to proactivity

“Each mentoring session has a well-structured agenda but is also flexible enough to discuss my personal developments and focus for the coming months. I always look forward to the meetings as the wealth of experience is a huge asset to my learning”

Lauren Straker, The Foxhills Collection

Our 6 Step Mentoring Programme focusses on time management and strategic selling. During the programme we create visual tools alongside our mentees to support considered proactivity whist thinking out of the box.

Our bespoke mentoring focusses specifically around growing your business. We create a safe space to brainstorm business development ideas and make you accountable by creating action lists to work through in between sessions.


Our mentees find that change happens instantly in the way they work and the business they bring in.

Our mentees find that change happens instantly in the way they work and the business they bring in.

6 Step Structure

Step 1

Undergo a 2-week diary analysis to see where time is currently being spent

– Measure time spent on new MICE leads vs account management
– Measure time spend on particular accounts in order of value
– Document time spent in the office and on appointments
– Document appointment times and duration to ensure time is being maximised
– Track activity (proactive calls and emails) vs how many appointments made during that time

Step 2

Analyse the diary together and create the perfect scenario

– Are all the appointments on certain days of the week?
– Are back to back appointments being arranged in the same towns/cities?
– Consider using a map to locate companies/agencies and leads to minimise travel time – How successful are the 2 days of proactivity in making appointments?
– Create a schedule of where time should be spent. Includes time split into researching new business, account management, admin and appointments

Step 3

Dig even deeper into weekly schedule

– Review Top 10 corporates and MICE producers. Do you already know if there is more potential there?
– Create Time Management graph including top producers on one axis and time spent on the other

– How good are your reactive sales team at passing new leads on? Is there a way you can be on top of new enquiries to pick out new companies? Is there a way you can help with converting new business?

Step 4

Appointment analysis for both new business and account management

– How are chases and appointment notes being recorded at the moment? Is there an easier way? Are the appointment notes being referred back to?
– Would it be useful for the key points from appointments to be circulated to all the Sales and Event Managers?

– What questions are being asked at appointments?
– Do you know if there is more opportunity in current accounts?
– Are you maximising the opportunity to cross-sell properties within a group including MICE, group and transient accommodation and leisure business at each appointment?
– Create a visual together that represents the top accounts, their potential and a plan to capture any opportunities. This will help to see what market share you currently have

Step 5

Generating new leads through strategic segmentation

– Do you have a database that you are currently working through?
– How are you doing this and is it effective?
– Work to split current MICE clients into a client-type matrix per property, including Training, Pharma, Technology, Automotive, Fashion, Food/Beverage
– Use this matrix to analyse where your current biggest spenders are, and this can be a starting point to research new business

Step 6

3-6 months check-up

–  Repeat 2-week analysis to see whether things have improved

–  Key benchmarks are: number of appointments made, number of enquiries received, amount of revenue converted, top account revenue figures

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