Best Kept Secret for Successful Upselling in Hospitality

Best Kept Secret for Successful Upselling in Hospitality

Upselling in hospitality is a pivotal element of maximising sales for hotels, venues, and events suppliers. It’s also easy to get wrong if you don’t approach it correctly. For example, many salespeople introduce upselling when the client is ready to go ahead with a booking, or has already booked. But truthfully, why change the rules of engagement when the game is already over?

Instead, you can share the secret that over-performing salespeople don’t want you to know about upselling in hospitality…

It’s this. ‘Whole process’ upselling reaps richer rewards than dropping upsells in as afterthoughts.

So, let’s take a closer look at end-to-end upselling in hospitality. It might be the difference between hitting or missing your next target.

The Short and Longer Term Gains of Consistent Upselling in Hospitality

One of the most significant advantages of upselling is the potential for increased revenue. But you can benefit from more than a ‘one-and-done’ result by upselling strategically. In fact, skilful upselling at every touchpoint will have clients coming back again and again.


And here are some of the key reasons why:


  • Demonstrates authority – Listening carefully and asking targeted questions gives you a deep insight into not only what your client needs, but also why. This level of understanding equips you to identify and offer upsells that are most likely to directly appeal to the client, from the point of enquiry, and throughout the entire negotiation.


Example Many organisations increasingly want to demonstrate their ESG (environmental, social and governance) at events. So, think of creative ways to support them in achieving their objectives. For example, how about upselling an enhanced breakfast, with an exceptional range of plant-based dishes, Kombucha, turmeric shots and supergreen smoothies, besides the usual fry-up fayre?


  • Focuses on value not cost –By looking at the information through the lens of the client, you can carefully curate a needs-based selection of high value propositions in a meaningful way that isn’t just selling at them.


Example – Encourage bookers to kick off their event in style, with a pre-meet in your bar for delegates arriving the night before. Besides proving an added value for stakeholders, it’s also an inspired way for event hosts to optimise engagement before the event even starts.


  • Personalises but doesn’t alienate Software giant Adobe issues a stern warning not to get too greedy. “Make sure your upsell isn’t too expensive,” the Communications Team advised in their What is upselling? Benefits, techniques, and more article. “A general rule for upselling is not to go more than 25% higher than what the customer planned to spend. Going too high can push your loyal customers away.” Everybody loves a deal. So, demonstrate your commitment with highly targeted upsells at every stage of the journey. But, don’t overwhelm them by pushing irrelevant options.


Example – Earn their loyalty by offering a framework of good/better/best bulk buying deals to clients with multiple regular bookings to make. This doesn’t have to be straightforward discounting. Upsell strategically based on the client’s specific criteria, in order to achieve the perfect win:win situation for both parties.


At Selling Savvy, our compelling Upselling and Negotiation workshops will leave your team members with boosted confidence and new approaches to their sales responsibilities.

Get in touch at for a chat about upselling in hospitality venues or events services. We can’t wait to help your intrepid salespeople to upsell in a low-pressure yet impactful way that couples increased revenue with greater customer satisfaction.

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