Consultancy for Hotels & Venues

The 7 Stages to Selling Savvy Consulting.

How we work with you to increase your team’s performance

We tell you a bit about us, but mostly we hear about you, your company and your team.

Once we get to know each other, you tell us about the challenges within your team, your processes and areas you feel needs the most attention.

We analyse what your clients view of your business is, spending time looking at your sales processes and dive deeper into your internal systems.

We share our findings with you, give you an outlined plan of action that we all work together towards to ensure a more streamlined and efficient sales process.

We begin to implement the new processes with continuous team accountability whilst adapting to feedback and re-evaluation from you.

Our work is done. We review the outcomes alongside you, assess how the team has adapted whilst giving you tools to ensure processes continue to happen day-to-day.

We won’t leave you in the lurch – it’s never a goodbye from us as we continue to support by coming back to see how your team is performing and identify potential outstanding gaps. There is an opportunity here for a refresher for the team too.

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Opera case study

Late last year we got our system geek on by diving deep into Opera at a leading hotel chain, followed by training the team on their system processes with an in-person workshop. To read more about what this process involved, click here to read our case study on the project.