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· Are you meeting your sales targets?

· How important are increased sales revenue and better conversion rates to your business?

· How happy would you be for your business to hold its own, grow and make waves, even when market conditions aren’t stacked in your favour?

Hi, we’re Selling Savvy

We’ve built quite the reputation for leading-edge, tailor-made event and hotel sales training workshops and mentoring programmes with a savvy twist..

The sheer uniqueness of what we deliver – and how we deliver it – has been making a massive difference to the sales performance of our amazing event and hospitality clients since 2018.

We’ve made some game-changing innovations since then and partnered with big names like Visit Britain, beam (previously HBAA) and The Delegate Wranglers.

Here’s how and why.

Event and hotel sales training courses just got savvier

Captain of the Good Ship Savvipop Kate Plowright loved every second at the coalface of hotel sales management.

But she was seriously disappointed with the lack of relevant, sector specific and effective sales training out there. She just couldn’t find anything that great or anything that was put together specifically for hotel, venue, agency and event professionals.

Kate had stumbled across a great big gaping hole in the market without even realising. That was the moment that changed everything.

Selling Savvy was brought to life to deliver NICHE, TANGIBLE, INTEGRITY-DRIVEN event and hotel sales training courses and mentoring programmes like nothing that’s ever existed before, for –

· Event and hospitality industry business owners
· Sales Directors, Sales Managers and proactive teams

· Sales offices and reactive teams

· Graduate trainees and first jobbers who are new to event and hospitality sales

The immediate demand that followed proved that Kate’s gut instinct was spot on and she soon realised she’d started something amazing. So, she enlisted the help of Wibo and a range of other experts to spread the savviness.

What do you and your people need to savvy up on?

Selling Savvy has a brilliant range of event and hotel sales training courses and mentoring programmes.

We guarantee you’ll find something that hits your sweet spot and helps you find solutions to the sector specific challenges you’re facing, such as:-

· Streamlining sales procedures for high performance
· Creating accountable teams
· Increasing your event conversion rates
· Closing more sales
· Improving staff morale and motivation
· Building a hungry sales culture
· Drawing up a sales strategy
· Managing your time for working smarter not harder

Let’s learn, work and get savvier together. Whatever your requirements, get in touch today for a chat.

Kate Plowright

Founder & Director

Sales training

Specialism: I love working with proactive salespeople. It gives me such a buzz and a feeling of satisfaction to help them identify new business opportunities and get leads. But the job isn’t finished until I’m sure that potential has been maximised and every last drop has been squeezed out of every account.

Where my industry obsession began: I got in to hotels by accident. But I threw everything into it and I’ve never looked back since. I know it sounds a bit corny when I say that Selling Savvy doesn’t feel like a job to me. But I honestly love everything we do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Something you didn’t know about me: I can’t stand up for falling down! I’m forever tripping over my own feet, even when alcohol isn’t involved.


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Sales training

 Kat Rack

Account & Training Manager

Kat has over 12 years’ experience working in the events & hospitality sector. She started her career in a graduate training programme at 5 red star Lime Wood whilst still studying for her Event Management degree, and has since gone on to work for some of the biggest players in boutique hotels like Hotel du Vin, Macdonald and Harbour Hotels.

She has worked in both reactive and proactive roles and believes successful account management is the key to ‘happy client, happy hotel’. Kat says what gives her the biggest sense of achievement is nurturing a junior team to become the best sales people they can be. There is something special about hitting targets with a team so new to the industry.


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Sales training

Louisa Ritchie


Louisa has worked within the hospitality and events industry for over 25 years and is passionate about excellent service and client relationships. Her career began in hotels in the conference and sales teams on property, leading to national account roles. For the last 14 years, she has been agency side working within events, managing global client relationships across different industry sectors.

In 2021, Louisa set up her own freelance business to offer client development, sales training and mentoring services. Louisa’s passion is people and by using her sales development skills and an honest approach to build trust, this creates a great formula for successful partnerships!


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Sales training

 Wibo Koopmans

French Representative

Specialism: I’m Selling Savvy’s French representative and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be offering our unique services in France. It’s a completely new concept for French hotels, venues, agents and supplier. I’m really proud to be able to support them to get business booming again.

Where my industry obsession began: My love for the hotel industry started when I was a trainee at the Forte Posthouse Milton Keynes. I used to love sitting down with Chef in the morning, having a laugh and planning the lunch shift together. Hotels and venues have been in my DNA ever since.

Something you didn’t know about me: I’m nowhere near a top level Judoka, but I really enjoy teaching Judo classes to 6-8 year old kids every Saturday.


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Sales training

Louise Parker

Selling Savvy Co-ordinator

Helping the Selling Savvy cogs turn, so the rest of the team can focus their efforts on supporting clients.

Get in touch with Louise for any admin support or questions about invoices.


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Nina Lovatt

Insights Discovery® Partner. Insights Discovery® is a powerful psychometric tool that develops self- awareness and supports improved leadership, team, and sales effectiveness.

Caroline Cooper

Front of House Customer Service Specialist. Developing Managers in hospitality and tourism to lead and engage their teams with confidence so they deliver a fabulous customer experience.

Gavin Percy

Mental Health First Aid Trainer. Passionate about mental health in the hospitality industry.

Becky Whitaker

B2C Social Media Expert. Provider of social media content ideas, booster of sales conversions, a tourism, hospitality and events geek!

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