private sales workshops

Private Sales Workshops

Result: A highly engaged team, improved procedures and increased conversion

“I’d recommend any sales professional in the events industry to attend a Selling Savvy workshops! I definitely found it interesting, refreshing and fun! The way sales training should be!”

Fiona Churchill, Director of Sales, The Elvetham

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A private workshop for your team to go away with tangible ideas to improve procedures and increase conversion.

Negotiation Workshop

Topics covered:


.. The Buying Cycle

.. What is negotiation?

.. The Law of Scarcity

.. Tradeables and Added Value

.. Planning for a negotiation



Upselling & Closing the Sale

Topics Covered:


.. What is Up and Cross-selling?

.. How to upsell effectively

.. Get other departments to Cross-sell into your revenue stream

.. How to close a sale successfully

.. Asking for the business with confidence

Total Investment: From £425.00