Selling Savvy Summit: 11th September 2020

Selling Savvy Summit: 11th September 2020

Selling Savvy Summit

11th September 2020

About this event


There are lots of sales workshops and courses out there. At Selling Savvy we know that not all of them are effective. We pride ourselves on delivering information that is NICHE to the events industry, TANGIBLE so it can be easily implemented and tactics that will make you a MORAL sales person.


The Selling Savvy Summit is a one-day intensive workshop specifically designed to give people working within the events industry the tools to increase their sales revenue and conversion.


Hosted by Selling Savvy, we have 5 guest speakers all with expertise within the events and hospitality industry.



“ I would highly recommend Selling Savvy to all event sales professionals’

Rachel Harwood, Reservations 2000


‘I learnt so much in such a short space of time!’

Hayley Reid, Aviator


‘There is nothing similar in the industry!’

Jessica KcKechie, Alexander Hotels




8.30am – Event begins with tea, coffee and networking

9am – Take your seats and we will begin

10.45am – Tea, coffee, networking and entertainment by Firebird Events

11.05am – Take your seats again

12.30pm – Lunch is served

1.15pm – Afternoon Session to start

2.45pm – Tea, coffee, networking and entertainment by Firebird Events

3.05pm – Last section to commence

5pm – Workshop to finish and entertainment will really begin

6pm-ish – Event to end


We will cover the following:


  • Increasing your event business conversion
  • Hire effectively so you never have to fire
  • Create a customer service culture
  • Increase weddings bookings & revenue


There will also be an opportunity to networking with local like-minded event professionals all keen on personal and business development.


Who is the event for?


Anyone who works within the event industry from hotels, event venues and event suppliers. This information given will be valuable to all. In addition, if you have team members there will be guidance on management and hiring.


  • Director of Sales
  • General Managers
  • Sales Manager
  • Event Managers
  • Business Owners


The Speakers and Their Talks


Kate Plowight

Selling Savvy

Founder & Director


Kate Plowright is the Founder & Director of Selling Savvy, a revolutionary way to increase sales revenue and conversion rates specifically within hotels, venues and the events industry. With experience in proactive sales, reactive sales and management of conversion strategies within hospitality, Selling Savvy was born from Kate seeing ineffective training methods in place. The Selling Savvy workshops are regular, lively and jam packed with procedures that actually work to increase sales.


During the Selling Savvy Summit Kate will be talking about maximising revenue through the sales process using customer experience. By WOWing your customers throughout that buying cycle you can create stark raving fans, and that is how you convert more and build a long-term business relationship


Alison Jenkins


Founder & CEO


Meetingsclub was born out of the founder, Alison’s, love for the hospitality industry and her passion and belief that ‘service is the secret’ and makes all the difference to the success of a meeting or event.


Meetingsclub is a platform to share firsthand event experiences of hotels, venues and event suppliers through trusted and checked reviews.


Alison will be talking to us about the reason why service is so important in this current climate. The market is flooded will event-space offerings and service is the key to differentiate yourself from others. But how what does that service look like?


Caroline Cooper

Naturally Loyal

Founder & Business Owner


Caroline helps hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses find ways to improve their customer experience and create a customer focused culture. This results in loyal customers, guests, visitors and members who spend more, come back more often and recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.


Off the back of Alison’s talk, Caroline will be giving us some fantastic ways of embedding that customer service culture within your teams. Once you know what you want your clients to experience with you, Caroline will focus on how to implement this successfully through your team.


Miranda Ash


VP of Community + Transformation Expert


At Worldblu, we believe everyone deserves to live, lead, and work in freedom.


However, every day, we see leaders wasting thousands of pounds on leadership and culture training courses that don’t address the real issues, lack a clear and proven strategy and don’t create lasting, transformational change leading to bottom-line growth


WORLDBLU IS DIFFERENT. Discover how to help everyone in your organisation be at their very best so that you are able to achieve phenomenal financial growth.


At the Selling Savvy Summit Miranda will be giving us a whistle-stop-tour of the proven techniques, skills, and behaviors for developing world-class leaders and building high-performing workplace cultures.


Kelly Mortimer

International Wedding Venue Consultant and Wedding Sales Trainer


Kelly is passionate about giving wedding venues the tools to book more weddings.
She uses clear strategies on how to increase enquiry levels, then wedding specific sales training to convert those enquiries into confirmed bookings. All with the result of increasing wedding revenue.


Kelly will be giving us her proven strategies on increasing wedding booking and sales specifically within the next 12 months.


Production and Entertainment by Firebird Events

Firebird Events have firmly established themselves as one of the leading event management companies in the UK and throughout Europe. Their business philosophy is simple, to create truly unforgettable events for their clients.


Firebird will be providing us with top-notch production throughout the event, and some exciting entertainment during coffee breaks and during the networking session afterwards.



Want to find out more about how to get involved? Take a look here

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