Transformational Teams Package

Transformational Teams Package

Going through the sales process from before the enquiry comes through to getting repeat business after an event has happened, this 6-month course transforms teams, their approach to sales and their true passion for winning business.

Want an empowered sales team that know how to deliver results, with a cheeky bit of healthy competition thrown in? This is for you.

Launching in London from April 2022


25th April: Catching Up, Then Overtaking


  • How the sales team effects the whole business
  • What has changed in the industry post-pandemic?
  • Sustainability and Mental Health within the industry
  • Overview of Consultative Selling
  • How to adapt your sales mentality to current times
  • The Buying Cycle
  • How client’s emotions change throughout the buying cycle and how this effects our conversations


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

Pre-recorded Guest Speaker: “Managing self- care and stress” by Gavin Percy, Balancing Edges


23rd May: Qualifying to Win


  • Building rapport in-person, on the phone and via email
  • How does the rapport effect the way you sell?
  • What qualifying means and how to do it
  • How qualifying effects the whole sales process
  • Asking ‘So what?’ before any conversation (features and benefits)
  • Competitors: Their role within your sales process


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

Pre-recorded Guest Speaker: “Successful relationships with Venues & Agents” by Ellis Salsby, Ellis Salsby

27th June: Proposals that Sell, and Negotiating like a Boss


  • The importance of creative selling and what that looks like
  • Creating proposals that convert
  • Personalising all touchpoints
  • Negotiation skills
  • Overcoming objections
  • Tradeables and Added Value


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

In-person session: Using LinkedIn to promote your venue and to build stronger rapport

18th July: Re-imagining Showrounds


  • Re-imagining your showround process
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Appointments for success
  • Pivoting to virtual where appropriate to stay ahead of the competition
  • Following up with enquiries effectively


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

Pre-recorded Guest Speaker: “Creating a Successful and Effective Relationship between the Operations and Sales Teams” – Mathew Jayne, Unique Venues of Great Britain


12th September: Collecting Confirmations and Up-Experiencing


  • Upselling with the client in mind
  • How to get others to cross-sell into your revenue stream
  • Asking for the business
  • Closing sales


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

In-person Guest Speaker: “How to get others to cross-sell into your revenue stream” by Caroline Cooper, Naturally Loyal

17th October: Knowing how to WOW


  • Post-event follow up
  • What to do with feedback
  • Getting repeat business
  • Interdepartmental relationships
  • Overall sales process: What can be improved?
  • WOW Factors: what are they and why are they a game-changer


Pre-recorded Guest Speaker

In-person session: Adapting your language to the type of booker (direct booker or venue finding agent)

“The skills I learnt from Selling Savvy contributed to me winning a contract over £100K and for that I am incredibly grateful!

I cannot recommend Kate and the team more highly. Keep it up ladies you’re incredible!!!!”

Lorna Hughes, Business Development Manager, Cue Media

Your Trainer

Kate Plowright

With hands on experience of proactive and reactive sales along with event organisation and people management, Kate launched Selling Savvy in 2018 after seeing ineffective sales training methods in place.

Kate is passionate about delivering effective workshops and mentoring that gives teams the opportunity to be empowered to make the right strategic decisions, whilst having strong backing from their management.