The Selling Savvy Package

The Selling Savvy


Result: A highly engaged team, improved procedures and increased conversion

and a smoother process for your clients

“From the unique set up and innovative training content, to the style and thoughtful way the training is delivered, I have to say it is the best training I have experienced”
Charlotte Brooker, M&E Sales Manager, Old Thorns Hotel, Golf Club & Spa

The Selling Savvy way of short-burst, monthly sales training is unique within hospitality. The format allows for high levels of engagement during the training, supported with on-the-job learning between sessions.

Each month we cover a different topic of your clients journey. The workshops are fast paced and short, meaning teams are able to train all together whilst limiting their time out of the office.

Mid-month, our Accountability sessions keep teams on track whilst ensuring they are implementing all procedures. This means improvements happen. Fast.



*These in-person workshops are happening all across the country! Click here to find out where your nearest event is*


Month 1 (January 2021)
BANG Buy from me

  • Building rapport
  • Rapport through phone and email
  • The importance of the Buying Cycle including customer emotions
  • Qualifying
  • Using LinkedIn to build rapport


Month 2 (February 2021)
Conversion, Allocations and Profit

  • What is conversion and how can we measure it accurately
  • Understanding allocations within a package
  • How profit can vary between bookings


Month 3 (March 2021)
The POW Factor of Creative Proposals

  • Creating proposals that convert
  • Effectively following up
  • Wants vs needs

Month 4 April 2021)
Negotiation and Up-experiencing

  • Negotiation skills and overcoming objections
  • Successful upselling
  • How to get others to cross-sell into your revenue stream


Month 5 (May 2021)
Collecting Confirmations

  • How to smash a showround
  • Closing the sale
  • Know when to walk away


Month 6 (June 2021)
The Entire Journey

  • Learning the entire sales journey
  • What can be improved?
  • WOW Factors: what are they and why are they a game-changer
  • Getting repeat business

“If you are new to the events industry or have years of experience, we can all learn more from Selling Savvy!”
Lauren Straker, The Foxhills Collection

Course Inclusions

  • 3 tickets to each half-day monthly workshop
  • All presentation slides after the workshop
  • Virtual mid-month accountability sessions
  • Opportunities to showcase your venue by hosting a workshop
  • 3 Top Tip videos per month via password protected area of website
  • Access to our online community of event industry salespeople
  • Continuous remote support
  • 25% off all Selling Savvy virtual courses during the 6 months

Total Investment: £1,350.00

Additional attendees: £450

Flexible payment plans available

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