Virtual LIVE Sales Course

Virtual LIVE Sales

Courses & Challenges

Result: Come away with up-to-date selling techniques that will help

build on existing, and create brand new, relationships throughout the COVID19 crisis

“Excellent personalized training on hybrid events; proved to be very insightful and now I know what to do to stay ahead of the curve!”
Esther Marijuan, Director of Sales, Millennium Gloucester Hotel London

We are running cost-effective virtual training specifically for the hospitality and event industry. These are designed to hone sales skills ready for this new world.


Challenges: For just £20 you can join one of our 5 day challenges held on a closed Facebook page. We go live at 10am every day for 45 minutes for lively and jam-packed sessions. Following this, a set of daily tasks are posted for you to do. We hold them on a close Facebook page because this enables groups to support, feedback and encourage each other throughout the week in-between the live sessions.


Courses: Each virtual session is no longer that 1.5 hour and is held on Zoom. Each programme has 2 to 3 sessions per course and are very interactive with opportunity to network during breakout spaces. Every course is also followed up with a one-to-one Accountability Session to ensure procedures and improvements have been implemented.