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Focussing on time management and strategic selling, we create visual tools alongside our mentees to support considered proactivity whilst thinking out of the box

A comprehensive 12-week programme designed to take you through the essentials you need to become a successful salesperson within hotels and venues

A wide variety of online learning opportunities both in the structure of 5 day challenges, a mixture of workshops and tasks to take away and learn on the job; and mini courses, all highly interactive and include virtual handouts

Specifically designed for: Proactive Sales Managers within hotels and venues, and event supplier business owners

Course specifically designed for: New employees starting out in a sales and events role

Virtual courses specifically designed for: Hotel, event venues and suppliers

Bespoke Sales


The Selling Savvy


A bespoke workshop written specifically for you and your team. You will go away with tangible ideas to improve procedures and increase conversion tailored to your business

The Selling Savvy way of short-burst, monthly sales training is unique within hospitality. The format allows for high levels of engagement during the training, supported with on-the-job learning between sessions

Course can be written for: Hotel, event venues and suppliers

Specifically designed for: Reactive sales teams within hotels and event venues

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