We welcome the exciting news that very soon the hospitality industry can now host meetings for up to 30 guests, and even more a few months later. Now we must ensure that our sales teams are focused, ready and raring to succeed.

Many team members will have been furloughed and away from the business for a couple of months. It’s essential that when they return to the office that they feel comfortable, confident and secure in the job that they will be asked to do.

Take a look at these top tips to ensure that your employee is comfortable when they return:

Tip #1: Organise ‘Back to Work’ practicalities

Have in place a strategy to ensure staff are aware of what they need to do when they return. Guidelines on entering the hotel and office may include: information about temperature checks, sanitation stations and general etiquette moving around the building.


Tip #2: Reassure the new returners

Remember that staff maybe extremely nervous to return, and the new aesthetics maybe daunting for them. We need to ensure that we as employers have the health and wellbeing of our staff at the forefront of our minds. They will also need to know the protocol and be confident enough to manage the situation if they or a guest becomes sick.


Tip #3: Set up 1:1 sessions

Now is a great opportunity to suggest meetings with your staff to discuss training needs and personal development requirements. Be mindful that staff have been away from the business. They may have forgotten how to use the systems, the procedures, and in some cases even their passwords to their PCs. This is an ideal time to identify any strengths and weaknesses and a time where development and future training can be addressed.


Tip #4: Be Open & Positive

Individual hospitality businesses that are fortunate to re-open their doors must now look at all sales opportunities and grasp them with both hands. Your sales teams need to understand the importance of winning the business – now more than ever before. It is essential that they are kept in the loop with the business performance, the financial situation, and the reason for operating decisions. If you are open and honest with your staff, they will feel motivated and in turn will take ownership, accountability and want to be involved. Encourage ideas, creativity and always praise.



To quote Henry Ford:

‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.



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