About our mystery shopping services

Our mystery shopping criteria has been written specifically to unveil the intricate nuances of a sales teams’ performance, uncovering both their strengths and vulnerabilities. We specialise in consultative selling, and our criteria has been created to ensure salespeople are building long-term relationships with their clients, rather than offering a transactional approach.

With the precision and experience of an external keen eye, our reports provide invaluable insights into what is exactly going on within your team. We uncover hidden gems or address areas for improvement. Our mystery shopping service is the key to unlocking the full potential of your sales team.

Tailoring the criteria: The catalyst for results

Tailoring mystery shopping criteria is the catalyst for transformative results and impactful strategies. By customising evaluation parameters to align with specific business goals, we ensure a focused assessment of desired behaviours and outcomes. This precision enables informed decision-making, shaping strategies that directly address identified strengths and weaknesses. The tailored approach provides a clear roadmap for refining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and ultimately driving success through strategic adaptations in the hospitality industry.

Our Mystery
Shopping package includes:

  • Opportunity to analyse a mixture of phone call, email and website enquiries on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Sales skills analysis per enquiry, YTD and difference between months
  • Selling Savvy analysis of results and recommendations on a regular basis
  • Tailorable criteria bespoke to you and your business mix
  • Vast amount of analytics
  • Individual client log-in portal with a tailorable interface
  • 24/7 access to all your analytics and business intelligence
  • Opportunity for bespoke training and mentoring off the back of mystery shopping results to improve customer service levels and sales revenue