About our training

We are dedicated to elevating performance in the hospitality industry. Our dynamic and engaging training programmes empower hotel and event venue teams across the UK to achieve exceptional results. With a focus on real-world strategies and interactive learning, we breathe fresh energy into sales training, equipping professionals with the skills and mindset needed to exceed targets and revolutionise guest experiences. Elevate your sales prowess with us. Check out some of the topics we train below:

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The 7 Steps to Consultative Selling

Supporting teams to formulate solid and trusted client relationships by offering an easy-to-implement and proven structure from researching new business to closing the business
through a consultative and thought-leadership approach.

Engage, Convert, Close: Effective Enquiry Handling

Educate your sales team on how to effectively qualify enquiries and handle incoming
leads using a consultative approach. During this session, we delve into what your enquiry
process looks like; how important rapport is; how to successfully qualify an enquiry; and the value of personalisation.

The POW Factor of Creative Proposals

Proposals is the first window into your business that a potential client sees, and with such a competitive market, you need them to stand out. This session completely re-writes and re-designs your proposals alongside your sales team. A creative, lively and practical session.

Negotiation and Upselling

Give your team the confidence to ask for business, push their clients along the sales process
and close sales with our fast-paced workshop. They will come away with a new view of their
sales responsibilities as well as a list of closing questions to use every day when speaking
with clients.

Closing Sales and Asking for the Business

Empower your team to confidently navigate the sales process, ask for business, and close
deals. Gain a fresh perspective on sales responsibilities and equip yourself with a toolbox of
closing questions for everyday client interactions. Boost your team’s confidence and
effectiveness to drive sales forward.

Re-Imagining Showrounds

The Selling Savvy showround training session isn’t just about soft skills (although of course we cover that too), but it is about re-writing all processes to really WOW your clients. A creative, lively, and progressive training session that will get team members enthused about not only offering the best they can to their clients, but making them all hungry to win business.

Proactivity for Reactive Sales Teams

Build confidence in your reactive sales team so that they can successfully identify potential opportunities in their day-to-day conversations; understand their role in growing accounts; and feel empowered to proactively reconnect with lapsed clients, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Strategic and Successful Account Management

Building confidence within your sales team to grow relevant accounts successfully and
lucratively through relationship building and qualifying. During the session, we introduce
and write a Strategic Account Plan based on a real-life client.

Build Traction and Relationships on LinkedIn™

Increase traction, relationships and inbound leads by effectively using LinkedIn™ (the free
version) to find ideal clients, engage with them in the right way and bring relationships
offline to ultimately grow sales.

Creating and Building on Strategic Agency Partners

A workshop designed to support both reactive and proactive sales managers to create a
strategic list of agents for you to work alongside to increase revenue. This session delves
into the importance of qualifying agency business, and we discuss needs and wants from an agency’s perspective, so that your collaborative pitch to them is spot on.

Prospecting New Markets

Through a mixture of group training and one-to-one mentoring, this programme focuses on pinpointing untapped markets and crafting effective strategies to penetrate them,
ensuring business growth and expansion.

Leading the Sales Office

A practical session with content tailored to up-and-coming or existing managers with topics
covered such as how to get the best out of your sales team; managing KPIs within your
team; how to filter down a strategy to your team; what is expected of you at a sales
meeting; plus lots more.