Selling Savvy: Doing Our Bit

We view corporate social responsibility as not just a buzz phrase or a marketing tool, but as a way of making a difference in our community. However large or small a company you are, we believe you can do your part, whether it’s through volunteering at a local church, or through clearing rubbish from our beautiful beaches. We all have a role to play.

Read on to see a more detailed breakdown of the practices we are implementing in our day-to-day work life to become more responsible. We are also encouraging and suggesting ways that our clients and suppliers can also become more responsible.

A Paperless Business

We provide digital downloads for workshop materials instead of printed handouts and encourage attendees to bring their own devices for screen sharing. Our brochure is accessible online, and we offer virtual business cards for easy sharing.


Workshop Delivery

We collaborate with host venues and hotels to minimise food waste by pre-ordering items and accommodating dietary needs in advance, favouring individual plated servings over buffets. We also consult with venues to implement sustainable workshop practices, such as using whiteboards instead of flipcharts and opting for reusable tent cards.

Mental Health

Our team includes a Mental Health First Aider, enabling us to recognise and support any challenges our colleagues or clients may face. Additionally, we’ve teamed up with Gavin Percy of Balancing Edges to provide discounted mental health awareness courses, ensuring accessibility for our clients.

Supporting The Industry & Education

We collaborate with various associations like MIA, beam, Institute of Hospitality, and VisitBritain to provide affordable workshops for our industry peers. Additionally, we assist students aspiring to enter the hospitality, event, and tourism sector by offering guest speaking opportunities and one-to-one interview practice sessions at universities.

Reducing Travel

As a dispersed team, we prioritise public transport for in-person meetings and client visits, spanning different locations across the country. Whenever feasible, we aim to travel during off-peak hours to minimise congestion and environmental impact.

Working Sustainably

Our team primarily works from home, eliminating the need for commuting, and when meetings are necessary, we utilise shared office spaces and carpooling to minimise transportation impact.