We’re Selling Savvy

We’ve built quite the reputation for leading-edge, tailor-made event and hotel sales training workshops and mentoring programmes with a savvy twist…

The sheer uniqueness of what we deliver – and how we deliver it – has been making a massive difference to the sales performance of our amazing event and hospitality clients since 2018.

We’ve made some game-changing innovations since then and partnered with big names like Visit Britain, beam, MIA, The Delegrate Wranglers and more.

Kate Plowright

Director of Inspiration

At Selling Savvy, we’re all about results. Our passion drives us to nurture teams, moulding them into top performers. We cut through the fluff and deliver training that works. Our tailorable content is at the cutting edge, always evolving to keep our clients ahead of the game. It’s about achieving concrete outcomes, not just theories. That’s what sets us apart.

Kat Rack

Training & Delivery Rockstar

Guiding inexperienced salespeople isn’t just about teaching techniques; it’s about igniting a fire within them to connect, empathise, and truly understand the needs of their clients. It’s the joy of watching potential blossom into proficiency, knowing that with the right guidance, they will not only excel in sales but also build lasting relationships based on trust and value.

Louisa Ritchie

Training & Content Guru

I believe that client relationships are the lifeblood of sales. It’s not just a transaction; it’s about building a connection, a rapport, a foundation of trust. Within my training sessions, I remind teams that at the heart of successful sales is the genuine desire to understand, to serve, and to nurture relationships.