6 Quick Wins To Convert Business When You Have No Time: Tips 1-3

Enquiry teams are having a tough time right now. With increased demand and smaller teams, time management is basically down to fire fighting and treading water. When things are so busy, we often forget the basics of time management and simple sales techniques, which may seem like they will take more time, but actually save us time in the long run. These are your quick wins to convert more business! When reading my below tips, I’m sure you want to shout BUT I DON’T HAVE TIME! Please keep an open mind, give it go and see what the results are.


  1. Acknowledge receipt. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a proposal, contract or response not knowing when it’s coming. So put your clients at ease by acknowledging receipt of their email and giving a time frame in which, you will get back to them. You can do this with an automated message, but of course a personalised response is always better. Turn your incoming emails and phone off 15 minutes at the start and end of the day to go through any unanswered messages and simply say you haven’t forgotten about them and will be in touch soon. Even better, if there’s something in the email you have questions about or need to check with another person/ department, quickly pop it in your response or forward the email, so when you do get to it later, you will hopefully have all the information you need.


  1. Take time to read your response. Before you send any response, read through the email, proposal, or contract one more time and ask yourself if it is relevant to your client and have you covered everything they’ve asked for? A lot of time is spent going back and forth to check on missing or incorrect information, which I promise you is wasting much more of your time than doing it right the first time.


  1. Personalise your response. Give your clients the impression you have really listened and are interested in them by personalising your response. Just little things like the name of event, or repeating what they’ve asked for can make pleasant reading for the receiver and a bonus would be if you can add a little bit of personality into the email. If you can’t think of anything to say about them, then mention something about you so you’re opening a dialogue. This could be anything from what you did that morning, to the weather, or something you’re looking forward to.


Watch out next week for our next 3 Quick Wins To Convert Business When You Have No Time, the next 4 tips!


Blog post written by Femke Millership, Selling Savvy. Email femke@sellingsavvy.co.uk to pick her brain on more quick wins!


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