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Events and hospitality sales training like never before.

What makes Selling Savvy events and hospitality sales training so different from other training providers?

Selling Savvy is where hospitality and event professionals come to get industry specific, flexible, cost effective, mentoring and training THAT WORKS.

It’s nothing like the training you get from other sales ‘gurus’ you might be familiar with.

Selling Savvy has a proven track record of equipping hotel and venue sales teams with the tools they actually need to sell, confidently and collaboratively.

There’s really nothing else like our course content. It’s created within the industry, for the industry.

In addition, the unique Selling Savvy delivery style is our special sauce.

Our hands-on industry expertise is reflected in the way training sessions are delivered to sales teams across many different levels of experience and seniority.

They devour our actionable, common sense, smart solutions and insider secrets that connect and convert.

Selling Savvy events and hospitality sales training is –

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Known, Liked and Trusted

All Selling Savvy experts are well known and respected industry professionals, with reputations for helping and supporting salespeople to go out there and sell, sell, sell!

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Sector Specific

Selling Savvy works exclusively with businesses in the hospitality and events sectors. It’s more meaningful and targeted than generic sales training.

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Selling Savvy events and hospitality sales training is served up in bite-sized chunks that work around the way you work. This eliminates the need for spending whole days out of the office unnecessarily.

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You’re guaranteed transformational sales results when you implement your Selling Savvy events and hospitality sales training consistently and correctly.

Selling Savvy events and hospitality sales training is for –

Do you fall in to one of these business categories?

Would you like to benefit from Selling Savvy’s transformational services to help generate more sales?

Then you’ll want to savvy up and pay close attention to what we have to share with you.

Get in touch now to book a one-to-one appointment for free.

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Make every sale a savvy sale

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Improve your sales procedures

Set up smart systems that help you drive sales whilst also saving you time and money.

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Make your team accountable

Track sales activity and performance to help with goal setting and making the best use of your time.

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Close more sales

Dazzle your clients and outshine your competition to ensure you close every possible sale with past, existing and new clients.

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Increase sales revenue

Seal deals that your clients would be mad to refuse – without compromising your bottom-line profits.

“There is nothing similar in the industry!”

Jessica McKechie, Alexander Hotels & Utopia Spas