Its very tempting to consider lockdown (2) as a time to bury your head under the duvet and forget about your woes.

Use your time wisely, here is an opportunity to consider doing those things that we always leave for a rainy day!

L – Learn

Like many of us, if you have always wanted to learn a language, here is the time that you can start brushing up on your school book French or learn the lingo Italian style. Dualingo is a great app that you can download on your phone and you can choose your language, level and pace without costing a penny.

O – Open your eyes wide…. ?

Its time to really take notice of the lovely things that Mother Nature has given us, whilst walking, enjoy the changing autumn colours, the mist of the mornings, the skies during sunset, take pictures and share on social media- it costs nothing and what a better way to feel the love for nature and all that she offers!

C – Creative and Christmas, ?

Take the time to research and prepare a new dish for Christmas day, you could even make a start on the Christmas Cake. ? (Excellent menu for you to try here!)

K – Kind words

For the cost of a card and a postage stamp, write a few lovely words on cards and send to your absent friends and family, just imagine the warm feeling when they receive your note.

D – De-clutter

This maybe the spare room, the loft or event your files on your PC. The sense of achievement is overwhelming once you see the tidy space that you have made.

O – Once a day

Make the commitment to get the heart rate up, doesn’t have to be a marathon, just commit to doing something that will pump the heart and make you feel alive. ?️‍♀️? Follow #eventprofswalk on socials and join in the fun!

W – Wish Jar

Each day write down what you would like to do when we get back to normality, doesn’t have to be expensive or grand, and add these notes in your wish Jar, with your family, partner etc decide a date next year when each day or Friday evening you take out one wish note and aim to do that task / activity that weekend.

N – Netflix

When its miserable and cold outside, use the excuse to binge watch one particularly series that you never thought you would get round to watching, popular series at the moment – The Queens Gambit – A real must, and you may even learn the art of Chess!


Above all, remember to stay home and stay safe


Selling Savvy Team x?

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