How Mystery Shopping Data Can Supercharge Your Sales Team – Part 2: Effective Hotel Sales Training

Hotel sales training is the powerful and logical next step in the mystery shopping process. Think about it. There’s no point just telling your salespeople where they’re falling short and expecting them to suddenly start smashing targets.

It’s a job half done if you don’t get proactive based on what the data is telling. This is because quantifiable mystery shopping data isn’t just static numbers on spreadsheets, but value rich insights that can help you turn inexperienced or underperforming individuals and teams into serious target smashers.

So, you’re better equipped to achieve the sales results of your dreams by strategically planning some hotel sales training to support your team’s specific needs. And the beauty of sales training informed by mystery shopping data is this… Targeted training educates. In addition, it demonstrates your commitment to their professional development, sparking engagement and a passion to succeed.

But, it takes time, effort and expertise to design and deliver effective hotel sales training sessions that transform your team into sales legends.

Six Failproof Steps to Effective Hotel Sales Training

The key to impactful hotel sales training calls for:

  • Identifying the areas where your team needs support
  • Crafting a targeted session or sessions to meet their specific needs and upskill them

Here are some key considerations for optimum results:

  1. Prioritise for Impact: Let the mystery shopping data guide your training needs. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, what’s at the top of the list? Is it following up on enquiries? Then focus on that first. One step at a time.
  2. Set Success Goals: Define measurable and time specific outcomes. For example, 100% follow-ups within 3 days of enquiries being taken, achieved in two weeks.
  3. Time to Train: When is the best time for training? And what format is best? Short, snappy sessions or longer immersive ones? Flexibility is key. Tailor it to your team’s rhythm.
  4. Location, Location, Location: Onsite or offsite? Choose wisely. Onsite saves time and money. But offsite sparks creativity and engagement in a distraction-free environment. So, think about making it an event, not just another meeting.
  5. Choose Your Champion: Who should deliver these knowledge bombs? Choose somebody who is experienced, confident, and respected. Avoid nervous Nellies. Confidence is contagious and you want your team to catch it.
  6. Ignite Your Content: Results-driven content should blend fun, engagement, education, and memorability. Aim for maximum interactivity with real-life examples to keep the yawns at bay.


 Training without accountability can overshadow the time, effort and expense you’ve invested. So, it’s a good idea to devise your accountability plan alongside your training session, to avoid it becoming an afterthought. It should include:

  • Revisiting your measurable outcomes
  • Appointing one or more team member to be responsible for accountability
  • Agreeing how to assess and communicate results
  • Determine frequency of reminders to stay on track

And of course, you might want to have a couple of ideas in your back pocket for when it’s time to celebrate victories. So, gear up and get ready to nurture a new era of sales superstars. Your occupancy rates await!

At Selling Savvy, our highly customized hotel sales training solutions are an integral part of our hotel mystery shopping and sales process analysis, ensuring training that’s aligned with your goals, focusing on outcomes, support and implementation. If your hotel sales mystery shopping and training isn’t getting you the desired results, or it’s new to you, get in touch for supercharged sales success.