Don’t know how to use LinkedIn to connect with local, regional, national and even international clients who are potentially interested in using your hotel, venue or services? You’re missing a serious trick. But fear not! Whilst there are many different components and tools, with LinkedIn, you can soon be effortlessly generating leads much quicker and easier than you might expect.

And surprisingly, it’s not even like selling once you get your head around what makes people tick on LinkedIn. So, don’t pay any attention to those annoying spammy sales messages landing in your DMs. That’s not how to use LinkedIn properly, unless you want people avoiding you like the plague, just like they would if you were stalking them with unwanted sales calls.

The good news is that LinkedIn is much less challenging and more fun to use. But you need well thought out objectives and a plan to achieve them, rather than a scattergun approach.

And here are just a few tips on how to use LinkedIn to maximum advantage, whether you’re brand new to the platform or an experienced user.

· How to Use LinkedIn to Raise Your Profile

Having a compelling and client-centric LinkedIn account is a great way to get seen by your target audiences and to build your reputation as an expert in your field. There are many different profile sections to complete. So, don’t be tempted to copy and paste chunks of CV. Take your time and keep returning to it, because there’s too much to finish in a single sitting. But it’s well worth the effort and increases your chances of being approached with enquiries and getting booked.

· How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

You can connect on LinkedIn at the push of a button with people you meet at exhibitions and networking events. But additionally, you can target people who you haven’t met, on a deeper level, by searching for characteristics such as –

· Location

· Company

· Role

This makes LinkedIn a unique free resource for laser targeting the people that you already know have an interest in buying what you have to sell.

· How to Create Consistent and Compelling Content

Coming up with regular engaging content can be off-putting for some people. But, as a hospitality or events professional, it’s a task you can embrace with open arms. Look no further than the food, drinks, bedrooms and event facilities that you work amongst every day. Plus, the Christmas previews and all the other exciting and interesting things going on around you daily. There’s no shortage of content inspiration, for sure. But the trick is knowing what to do with it to start conversations with the right people.

The even better news is that Selling Savvy can help you to master all of these LinkedIn skills and many more. Our in-person and virtual LinkedIn training course are purpose-designed to help hotels, venues and event suppliers to get confident on the platform and start reaping results fast. So, send any questions about the courses and how to book to

And in the meantime, download the following resources so you can dive straight in for a sneaky peak at what you’re missing –

· 30 Day LinkedIn Content Plan – Including 30 sector specific topics for you to plug and play
· LinkedIn Strategy Builder – A done-for-you template to keep your LinkedIn activity on track