Is mystery shopping worth it? Or is it just paying somebody else to tell you that your sales team isn’t doing it’s job to it’s optimum potential?

Have you spent money on training, but you weren’t quite sure of the topics that would benefit your team?

Are your team underperforming but you don’t know why?

Let’s take a closer look at investing in mystery shopping and, importantly, the returns you can expect…

Why Is Mystery Shopping Worth It?

You’re competing daily to stand out for all the right reasons and win business. But the road is paved with pesky competition. So, you need to ensure you’re consistently delivering the most compelling client journey possible to achieve these goals.

Mystery shopping goes beyond any reporting that you can pull together in-house. When I provide mystery shopping services to our hotel, venue and event clients, I drill down in to –

· What your team is doing well and needs to be doing more of

· What your team could be doing better

· Recommendations of how you can get better results

How do I come to these conclusions? I take a deep dive over a pre-agreed period of time in to a broad mix of enquiry types and mediums, based on your business specifics and objectives.

But this is no cloak and dagger exercise for spying on your team. It’s a powerhouse for identifying and drilling down into any areas of underperformance that are potentially losing you money. And knowledge is power.

How Is Mystery Shopping Worth It?

Mystery shopping, when it’s done well by a quality partner like Selling Savvy, doesn’t leave anything to chance. It culminates in a qualified and quantified action plan for tailoring your team and processes to generate the results you need. And ultimately, acting on data-driven insight that’s based on real life feedback is potentially transformational.

Do you want more bookings? Do you want more profitable bookings? Do you want more of certain types of bookings? Mystery shopping helps you get there, by analysing your team’s sales skills across –

· Phone calls

· Emails

· Website enquiries ad platforms (internal and external)

· Walk-ins

So, if your team is under performing but you’re not sure what the reason is, we can tell you exactly why.

And when you know about any problems – whether it’s speed of enquiry handling, negotiating, closing, or any other reason you’re not sealing deals – you’re equipped to start dealing with them. Thinking about mystery shopping for your hotel, venue or business? Prices start from just £89.00! Drop me a line at so I can answer any questions you have around mystery shopping. Alternatively take a look at our website for the packages we offer.

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