We at Selling Savvy are firm believers, and really understand the benefits of collaboration. It is something that I haven’t been familiar with until I started my own business when all around me entrepreneurs, small businesses and even larger and much more established businesses were working together to achieve more than they could on their own. I had a dabble with collaboration and realised there is no other way to do business! Why have I been striving on my own, in a race against my competitors to get to the next lead, when I could have been working with them to build something much larger than all of us, and shared the benefits?


benefits of collaboration


The hotel world I have come from is hesitant, even against, working with competitors. Rival venues down the road are seen as the enemy (even though most likely, half the staff worked there about 12 months ago!) I do not think this is the way to do business. There are so many benefits to working with like-minded individuals in the same industry in the same job roles working with the same clients.


Here are a few benefits of collaboration that Selling Savvy believes in!

  1. It is possible to tap into the experience and skills of others. Your peers may have been in the industry a lot longer than you. Even if they have worked for a shorter time, they will have had different experiences and developed different strengths than you. And they certainly will have different opinions. These can be invaluable to learn from.


  1. Learning about different venues, their procedures and the way they do things is really useful to raise your own game. Maybe you like some of their ideas, or maybe you think you are doing things much better. Either way, it is useful to benchmark yourself against what else is out there.


  1. You have the opportunity to change the shape of the industry. Start designing things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they should be. Why do we deal with enquiries like this? Why do we hold events this particular way? Let’s not do it like that anymore! This is a game changer.


  1. A boost to your everyday positive mental attitude! What can be bad about that? This will not only make you a more positive person when you go back to the office, but it is proven that happier employees are more productive employees. It’s a win-win!


There are so many benefits to collaboration within our industry – what do you think?

We have created what we believe to be the first collaborative forum for venues. There are several topics that are covered throughout the monthly morning meetings, including sales training, sharing best practice, topical guest speakers and networking.


The Selling Savvy way of short-burst, monthly sales training is unique within hospitality. The format allows for high levels of engagement during the training, supported with on-the-job learning between sessions.


Our background allows us to specialise in training those looking to sell events in their venues. We teach strategies and tactics on a month-by-month basis, allowing time for clients to put these strategies into practice. This combination of learning and doing builds their confidence and empowers them to deliver more than a classroom environment would.


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