Making Everyone a Salesperson

At Selling Savvy, we truly believe that salespeople are the pillars of a successful business. However, we don’t just mean the sales team themselves. We want every single member on your team to become a ‘salesperson’, and this is why.

So, what is a ‘salesperson’? Most of you might be thinking that your salespeople are just those on your sales team, the people you hired specifically to sell your business. But if we investigate a bit more deeply, a salesperson is someone who embodies the ethos of your business, who turns to your clients and represents and promotes this ethos and your business culture to them. A great salesperson will also be listening and learning from your clients, picking up on the little cues that help your salespeople understand the clients wants and needs. From this, they can continue to offer the perfect product or service tailored to that specific client, continuously securing future business for your company. 

Our question is, why does it only have to be your sales team doing all this? Many of your other departments and team members listen, learn, and adapt to ensure they are providing a product or service that is perfect for your client. So, using the following three tips, let’s take your amazing teams, and help them become strong, confident salespeople, all working towards the success of your business and your client’s happiness.

Tip 1: Take time to ensure that no one fears the word ‘sales’

As we mentioned before, many of your team members are already being successful salespeople without even realising it. They are listening and learning from your clients to give them the best experience, and from there, promoting your business to them.

To start off, let’s communicate with your team. Have an open chat with them to discuss this idea of ‘everyone as a salesperson’ and have them understand what is expected of them.

Work with your team and support them in seeing their role from the client’s perspective. Allow them the time and opportunity to understand how to be improving the client’s experience by offering exactly what they are looking for.

If you strip it down, sales is really just customer service in overdrive. So, provide your team with the time they need to understand this and watch your team thrive as salespeople!

Tip 2: Educate each team member on the importance of their role within the client’s journey

As we touched on gently above, every single team member must understand their role from the client’s perspective. Each team member, regardless of rank, position or title, has an impact on your client and plays an important role within that client’s journeys.

It is important to identify and communicate where each individual sits on this journey and give them the tools they need to thrive in their positions.

Tip 3: Have one vision for your whole business, with everyone working towards it

As we have mentioned many times (and in multiple other blogs!) communication is the key to your team’s success. Ensure that you as a business are confident in this one vision and then take the time to communicate it and allow your team to digest and understand it.

What vision is this, we might hear you asking? That’s up to you! It might be directly related to your service and your clients, or it might be aimed and unifying your internal culture. However, no matter what this vision is, making sure that your team understands it, takes it in, and in turn, feels valued and confident. This will encourage them to have meaningful conversations and build trusting relationships with your clients.

We hope this blog has helped you understand how everyone on your team is already a salesperson and has provided you with a few tips on how to go about working with your talented team on taking their sales skills to the next level. 

At Selling Savvy, we want your teams to succeed! But to do this, time and communication is a critical element that cannot be taken lightly. We know it might be hard to support your team and these individuals on your own, so if there is anything else the team at Selling Savvy can help you with from recourses to courses, please email or phone 07746 843417