Have you ever been on a hotel sales training day where the memorable part of the day was the cheese sandwiches?
I know I have….

Listening to the presenter who illustrated their knowledge with a flurry of power point slides, spoke far too quickly and did not engage with me or my fellow colleagues?

The monotone delivery, the dull content and the lack of participant interaction often sent me thinking of what I would cook for dinner that evening instead of whetting my appetite to want to learn more. Sound familiar?


Selling Savvy workshops are completely different. For a start they are structured, offering monthly bite-sized content.
The half day sessions are delivered in a host venue, minimising the need for you to travel, your back in the office by mid-afternoon and hopefully applying all the useful information you learned that morning.

These sessions encourage you to think about your sales process, the client’s journey and how you assist with that journey.


Hotel Sales Training Topics:

Month 1: BANG Buy from me

How to build instant rapport over the phone and via email

Month 2: The POW Factor of Creative Proposals

Come away with practical ways to send proposals that will stand out from your competition

Month 3: Legendary Follow ups

How to follow up effectively whilst making an impact on your client

Month 4: Up-Experiencing

There’s no upselling here. It’s about offering the ultimate client experience – and the sales come in naturally

Month 5: Collecting Confirmations

Close more sales by being strategic from the word GO, and by having the confidence to ask for the business

Month 6: The Entire Journey

Implement simple techniques throughout your sales process that create stark-raving fans


So how does it work?

By looking deeply into your guest journey, we then look at what you do, your role within their organisations and taking accountability for the success of that role.

The workshops are engaging with a collaborative approach, encouraging you to exchange ideas, best practices and experiences with your fellow peers, a great opportunity to hear the success stories of what your fellow colleagues do.

They are not only open to the sales teams, but with 10 tickets issued per company, those working in other departments can benefit from the Selling Savvy workshops, some of the best ideas have come from those colleagues in the Operations team.

Boring … far from it! You are not presented too, topics covered are about the sales process, from initial enquiry, how to stand out from the crowd right through to execution and winning the business.


So many great tips and such a relevant and engaging session! I feel refreshed and more motivated than I’ve felt in weeks – I can’t wait to put what I have learnt today into action!

Philippa Scott, Zanna Events


All the Selling Savvy trainers have a wealth of hospitality experience, relating to the day to day challenges that a busy sales department encounter.


As well as delivering the exciting workshop content, they can assist individuals with mentoring, diary management, one to one training.

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