We have been talking a lot about value recently at Selling Savvy and how a service or item can have a very different value to different people. For example, the good old added value of bacon rolls to a conference could have absolutely no value to a gluten free or vegetarian person, however, could be just the ticket for a bacon butty fan. This is why finding out what value your potential client puts on the features of your venue or service is vital to showing off your value.


There are 5 simple ways to show value to your clients, bearing in mind the requirement to keep it relevant to their needs and what it is they put a high value on.

Testimonials – these are a great way to show you have delivered successful events. Make sure you have a library of testimonials, so you can pick the right one for the right enquiry.

Show-rounds – showing off your venue in full swing will get your prospective booker excited as they imagine what their event will look like in the space you have to offer. Before you start, ask your client what they would like to see and what they are specifically looking for. For example, some clients may like to see more than surface level spaces and are interested in how the flow will work from the kitchen or how many toilets there are.

Referencing previous events – if you don’t have a testimonial suitable for a specific client, you can reference a previous event and explain why it worked so well and how it can work in a similar way for this new event. It also makes you sounds knowledgeable and instils confidence about your ability to run a successful event.

Social media – the perfect way to go behind the scenes of your venue or hotel is using social media. Showing a glimpse of the kitchen, back of house, a beautiful set up room, an event in full swing, you name it. This kind of snippet will leave your client wanting to be part of whatever it is you’ve got going on. Rather than a boring old slide, why not refer to a social media post in your proposal or during a show-round.

Talk about your knowledge (including your competitors) – don’t be afraid to talk about your knowledge of events and also the experience of the rest of the team. People tend to do this about chefs, but we rarely talk about how much experience our other team members have. Many people shy away and quickly dismiss competitors, however the more you know about them and can prove this to your client, the more you’ll sound like the industry expert!


Since value can mean different things to your clients, make sure you vary your message and don’t always shout about the same things. Keep asking the right questions to find out if your venue is of value to them and remember to move on if they are not the right fit. Good luck!

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