What we covered and why location-based sales training works!

What a great sales training morning we had today at Aviator in Farnborough, Hampshire. Selling Savvy is still relatively new but we had an excellent turn out of leading venues and hotels all based in Surrey and Hampshire. I use the word leading because they are breaking the traditional mould by working with their competitors, not against them. Hampshire is flooded with venues and hotels but there is enough business to go around. With a mix of proactive and reactive sales people, it certainly was a lively sales training morning!

Sales training Hampshire

Building Rapport

We started by talking about rapport. How can we build the best rapport with our clients, and how can we use this relationship to sell? Rapport building comes very naturally to some people and when I first wrote this workshop I thought that I would be stating the obvious a lot of the time, but it is surprising how some people have to make a conscious effort.

Something that doesn’t come naturally to anyone is working with clients who they don’t get on it. We discussed how we deal with showrounds with people who don’t say very much or some across rude. How are they feeling? Why are they coming across rude? It happens to us all, and that’s ok. I find the best way to deal with it is to ask appropriate questions, and always remain professional. Professionalism goes a long way!


Guest Speaker from Eagle Radio, Surrey and Hampshire’s leading radio station

Emily Spanton-Hay, Head of Sales at Eagle Radio, then gave us a fantastically honest talk on how Eagle turned their business around by creating an experience, rather than just offering a product. A lot of people took enthusiasm away from this talk, and appreciated Emily’s honesty.

Sales training Hampshire

Being the hottest day (on record it turns out!) we ventured outside for the last bit of the sales training morning. I love taking groups outside and in to different environments because it makes them think differently for some reason! There were some excellent ideas on how people can create WOW moments in their own venues, and again everyone shared their own best practices.


We are the ONLY group of hotel sales professionals undertaking sales training in Hampshire. Working with your competitors works!

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