Selling Savvy has appointed a new Business Development team member, Katja Hammond, who with be supporting the West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent hospitality and events market.


Katja brings another 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality and events industry to the Selling Savvy team and is excited to get started, saying:


“I am passionate about businesses staying ahead of the game and now is a vital time to make sure teams are refreshed and able to sell in the current climate. This is exactly what Selling Savvy do with their clients, and with over 20 years of Events and Hospitality experience, I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Selling Savvy!”


Selling Savvy is passionate about working with local businesses, which is why the business model is split by area. By having representatives in different counties across the country, they support venues, hotels and event suppliers with their sales efforts as they have lived, worked and sold effectively in that area, potentially to the same clients!


Alongside her current company Firefly Events, through Selling Savvy Katja will be supporting venues, hotels and event suppliers from the West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent areas.


If you feel you could benefit from the support from Selling Savvy, bring your one burning sales question to one of our free 15-minute one-to-one BURST Mentoring sessions! Book in with one of our team here


For more information, contact Katja on or 07837 248994

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