Selling Savvy partners with three AV Companies to support venues and hotels to sell Hybrid Events effectively


Selling Savvy has officially partnered with three well respected UK AV Companies to provide further support to venues and hotels across the UK, to enable them to offer and sell Hybrid Events. These three companies are SFL Group, Cue Events and AYRE Events.


The partnership developed from a recognition that the virtual and hybrid world is here to stay and that some venues lack the confidence and understanding to make the most of this growing trend. Kate Plowright, Founder & Director of Selling Savvy, is passionate about supporting venues and hotels, and helping them to make money from Hybrid, rather than falling behind with what the market demands.


A staggering 97% of event marketers believe we will see more hybrid events in 2021 than ever before, with almost 60% of event marketers believing a hybrid solution that manages both virtual and in-person events will be a key part of their 2021 event strategy.*


Kate has recognised that if venues and hotels aren’t educated in this, they could lose out on a substantial amount of revenue.


These specific AV Companies were chosen by Kate because of their commitment to the event and hospitality industry, their shared passion for supporting venues and their innovative vision for the future of Hybrid.


Hybrid events is a world that feels unknown to many venues but alongside SFL Group, Cue Events and AYRE Events, Selling Savvy are offering a comprehensive package of learning support for venues and hotels to create, offer and sell this new and relevant revenue stream.


Feedback from previous workshops have included:

“Selling Hybrid Events by Selling Savvy is excellent and insightful, and armed us with plenty of information to navigate, strategize and understand this evolving market. I would highly recommend this workshop for those wanting to grow awareness and understanding of the Hybrid Market.”

Sarah Houghton, Group Director of Sales, Alexander Hotels and Utopia Spas


Courses include:

  • What Hybrid Events actually are
  • Understanding of Hybrid Events Market and how venues fit in to the Hybrid offering
  • Knowledge of increasing revenue through Hybrid events at your venue/hotel
  • An in-depth understanding of what clients are looking for when booking Hybrid Events
  • A tangible way to work with an AV Partner that is effective and lucrative
  • An initial proactive strategy to sell in to the Hybrid Events market
  • Confidence to convert Hybrid event enquiries
  • Ideas of how to make incremental spend/upsell revenue for Hybrid events
  • Live Q&A with one of four AV Partners so venues and hotels get the most up-to-date knowledge of the Hybrid Event Industry


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