So, it’s that time again to write a sales strategy. And seeing as we’re talking a lot about collaborative sales these days, it’s a good idea to apply the same thinking to writing a failproof sales strategy. In short, it’s best done as a team!

Here’s why getting your people involved spices up the process, while ensuring a compelling outcome everyone’s eager to share.

Unite in Planning to Power Up Delivery

Seismic’s Hayden Stafford talked to Forbes magazine in their recent 10 Ways To Structure A Stronger Sales Strategy For Business Teams article. He champions approaching your sales strategy like a team sport:

“Collaboration and teamwork are must-haves in order to close deals. Disjointed workflows and siloes can lead to poor buyer experiences and missed opportunities”, he explained. “When building a sales strategy, integrate checkpoints for collaboration at all levels of the sales cycle”.

It’s not just a case of several heads being better than one when you write a sales strategy. Additionally, there are dots to join on a broader basis, in order to:

  • Get Everyone on Board It’s smoother sailing to write a sales strategy when everyone’s rowing in sync. So, emphasise the importance of co-creation to your sales team. Forget just a sales plan. In contrast, this is a shared dream that boosts commitment and enthusiasm across the board.
  • Look Through Multiple Different Lenses – Involving your team when you write a sales strategy brings diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. As a result, your strategy is enriched with fresh and innovative angles.
  • Work Towards Shared Goals Everyone’s efforts align with the collective objectives when the entire team has a hand in the strategy. Less confusion. More focus and efficiency.


That’s the whys. And there’s some pretty good how’s too!


Write a Sales Strategy You Can Deliver Collaboratively and Successfully

As you’re already aware, writing a sales strategy is one thing. Bringing it to life can be another thing entirely! Here’s a few simple but effective ways to keep the momentum going to deliver what you’ve promised as a team:

  • Talk Lots and Often – Open the floodgates of communication and really listen. After all, every voice matters and can lead to a big breakthrough in delivering your strategy in style.
  • Share the VisionThe drive to see your strategy succeed skyrockets when everyone has a stake in it. This is because it goes from being the hotel’s or company’s plan to their plan.
  • Understand Who’s Who and What’s WhatClarify who’s doing what. A strategy has stronger foundations when everybody understands their individual contributions to the bigger picture. And every move becomes a step closer to victory.
  • Define Expectations Set explicit expectations, timelines, and milestones. It keeps everyone in sync and marching to the beat of the same drum.
  • Celebrate Wins – Toast your triumphs, no matter how big or small. It fuels motivation and keeps the team fired up for the next challenge.

It’s not over-dramatic to call it a game-changer to write a sales strategy with your team. At the end of the day, it gets everyone pulling in the same direction. This contributes to success being a promise rather than a possibility.

At Selling Savvy, we help existing and up-and-coming Sales Managers and Sales Office leaders transform a solitary task into a vibrant, collaborative mission. Get in touch about our workshops, training and mentoring options to get the best out of your sales team, cultivate buy-in of sales strategies, and manage KPIs.