The Secret to Boosting Event Sales with a Customer-Centric Approach

Event sales during the pandemic taught us the secret to success isn’t about having the gift of the gab. In comparison, event sales got collaborative, channelling the old wisdom that great salespeople are blessed with two ears and one mouth for a reason!

In this article, we’re lifting the curtain on customer-centric approaches to skyrocket your event sales.

Make Them Feel Valued

Wanting to know what’s on their mind rather than you telling them what to think are poles apart, like chalk and cheese. That’s exactly how your clients want to feel – understood and valued.

So, try opening the conversation with genuine questions about their needs. It can transform a simple enquiry into a mutually beneficial long-lasting relationship. The key is shifting focus from selling to serving. And you can do this by making sure proposals and follow-ups reflect the expressed wishes of your clients and prospects.

Direct Rather than Handle Objections

Every client comes with a unique set of criteria. It’s your job to uncover what might be holding them back by asking the right questions.

This calls for understanding their perspective and seeing things through their lens. It’s a bit more nuanced than identifying objections. But it’s a small shift that can make a mega difference. In fact, think of it as like having a roadmap where every objection signposts a solution.

As a result, you can precision target the conversation to directly address their concerns once you understand what’s causing hesitation. And this clears the path for a successful close.

Lead with Insight

It’s a missed opportunity to assume you know what your client needs (remember the saying – to assume is to make an ass of u and me!).

Many enquirers are in the initial stages of exploring their options. And truthfully, they don’t know exactly what they need. Your role is guide them, by:

  • Assessing the information they’re providing you with
  • Asking insightful questions to plug the gaps, or what they’re not telling you
  • Taking control and leading them to the ideal solution they didn’t know they needed

You see, impressive event sales means being the trusted advisor who understands their needs better than they do.

Be Efficient Yet Economical

Time is valuable for you and your client. This is why it pays to think twice about making your proposals as user-friendly as possible. For example, bombarding them with pages of information on every product or service at your hotel or venue is overwhelming and counterproductive!

In short, don’t waste their time to save your own! Instead, hone in on their specific wants and needs to focus on what really makes them tick. This customer-centric approach is a double bubble of benefits. Because it:

  • Streamlines the sales process
  • Ensures clients feel heard and respected at every touchpoint


As you can see, building a customer-centric approach isn’t just beneficial, but essential. Isn’t it time to start putting those two ears to good use and level up the way you connect with your clients? After all, the most effective conversations in event sales are the ones when the client does most of the talking.


At Selling Savvy, our engaging in-person or remote workshops equip your team with the skills to make stronger connections, deeply understand client needs, and personalise every interaction. We’re here to turn your salespeople into customer-centric partners, and one-time bookers into lifelong advocates. Get in touch and let’s elevate your team to new heights of event sales success.