And so our industry continues to change, particularly with the numbers and groups that we can welcome. The fundamentals of carrying out a successful showround still apply, but now with that heightened focus on safety, anticipation and planning.


Here at Selling Savvy we have pulled together the 5 things you need to pre-plan in order to run a successful showround in current times:


Number 1: Double-check on who to expect

Check and double-check on who you are expecting in your group of guests – total numbers are very important and a quick email to confirm arrival times is never wasted. Your guests should be prepared with information sent in advance – take a look at our previous blog ‘Communication before a showround’.

Number 2: Be ready at Reception

Always be ready to meet and greet your client at Reception. Don’t waste their time or cause confusion by waiting to be called from elsewhere. Ensure that right from the beginning you and your team are following COVID procedures to the letter. Don’t let a forgotten mask spoil that first impression.

Number 3: Find the right place to talk

A room to sit and discuss a client’s needs should be big enough and comfortable to accommodate the extra spacing now required. If possible, lay out the room as it would be for their planned event. Have the right people there to talk through their needs, rather than additional people coming in and out.

Number 4: Anticipate the questions

Are there now a new set of questions that may be asked on top of the usual catering and parking needs? AV equipment, Wi-Fi capability for hybrid events bringing in colleagues who can’t attend in person? Make sure you know the answers or bring in the team members who do.

Number 5: Plan the optimal route 

Plan a route to view a room that demonstrates the areas that affect guest movement – one-way systems, lift usage and open areas. Guests can enter a prepared room while you wait outside – although do advise them not to touch anything. New floorplans should have already been sent in advance, but reviewing them with the client in situ can really help their understanding of the layout of your property.


Plan in advance and then deliver that plan to carry out your next successful showround.

How are you adapting your showround?

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