In the current, constantly changing world of events, we know that the idea of ‘hybrid’ is a big unknown.


Is it worth the investment? What about when everything goes back to normal? Well, if we can tell you one thing, it’s that hybrid events are here to stay… indefinitely! However, that is by no means a bad thing or cause for worry.


In our previous blog, we share that ‘A staggering 97% of event marketers believe we will see more hybrid events in 2021 than ever before, with almost 60% of event marketers believing a hybrid solution that manages both virtual and in-person events will be a key part of their 2021 event strategy.” Read more here.


And it’s not just 2021 — many companies are seeing the benefits of the virtual events world with the ease of connecting with employees from across the globe and the cost and time savings associated with employees being able to connect from home. However, there are some negatives which will unquestionably direct events bookers into looking back at live events (Great for you venues right?!)


So what does that actually mean for you? It means that it’s time to take charge, move forward and be ahead of government guidelines. Show the events industry that you are ready to provide them with a safe, tech-savvy venue that’s prepared to cater to all of their needs.


To get you thinking about why hybrid would be a good option for you, here are our top five benefits of introducing hybrid events to your hotel or venue:


  1. Take charge: Large, high revenue events like multi-day conferences, AGM’s, tradeshows and product launches won’t be on the rise any time soon. However, offering your clients a hybrid option will allow you to boost revenue, even though the event will only be partially in-house. With the implementation of hybrid offerings, your venue can take control of your business and clients and stop relying on the unpredictable government guidelines.
  2. A Plan B: For clients who are looking to book their event well in advance, with the addition of a hybrid event option at your venue, you can provide them with a Plan B. Allowing your clients to sign a contract, with confidence that even if the world has other plans, their event can move forward successfully.
  3. You, to the Rescue: What about all of the events that your venue has had to cancel or turn away due to the pandemic? Its time to call them back! The introduction of hybrid events can be used as a conversion tool, allowing you to reach out to those warm clients who are looking for an alternative option or solution to their non-event situation. As Sally Beck, General Manager at Royal Lancaster London has said in interviews regarding hybrid events, ‘Our partners are realising, while they might not be able to do what they had originally planned, they are still able to do something.’
  4. Go Global: With the immeasurable global reach of an online conference or event, a hybrid event allows your venue to market itself globally, and showcase your event spaces to a wider and more diverse audience than ever before.
  5. Get ahead of the game: Finally, with your venue taking action NOW and providing clients with a safe and effective way to host their event, you allow your venue to stand out from the crowd and be on an elite list of venues that can offer events first.


You might be thinking, ‘well that’s all well and good, but where do we even start?’ That’s where Selling Savvy comes in! We want to support your growth in selling hybrid events effectively and efficiently to your clients!


Alongside our partners at SFL Group, Cue Events and AYRE Events we offer a comprehensive package of learning support for venues and hotels to create, offer and sell this new and relevant revenue stream.


Take charge and get in touch to learn more.


It’s important that your venue sees the potential of this area, and the uncertainty of future events if not. Sarah Houghton, Group Director of Sales at Alexander Hotels and Utopia Spas recently took one of our workshops and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!


“Selling Hybrid Events by Selling Savvy is excellent and insightful, and armed us with plenty of information to navigate, strategize and understand this evolving market. I would highly recommend this workshop for those wanting to grow awareness and understanding of the Hybrid Market.”


The workshop covers multiple areas including:

  • What Hybrid Events actually are
  • Understanding of Hybrid Events Market and how venues fit into the Hybrid offering
  • Knowledge of increasing revenue through Hybrid events at your venue/hotel
  • An in-depth understanding of what clients are looking for when booking Hybrid Events
  • A tangible way to work with an AV Partner that is effective and lucrative
  • An initial proactive strategy to sell into the Hybrid Events market
  • Confidence to convert Hybrid event enquiries
  • Ideas of how to make incremental spend/upsell revenue for Hybrid events
  • Live Q&A with one of four AV Partners so venues and hotels get the most up-to-date knowledge of the Hybrid Event Industry.


For more information on how we can support your Hybrid Event Sales strategy, please email or phone 07746 843416



Blog written by Catrina Pengelley for The Nerdy Hotelier on behalf of Selling Savvy

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