Discovering new time management strategies for proactive sales managers is something we often focus on at Selling Savvy. Why? Because the more productive the sales team is the better the return. is I have recently been asked to put together a ‘Time-management and Strategic Selling’ bespoke coaching programme for a proactive business development manager in a small chain of hotels. What an eye-opener it was, and something I wish I had when I was a proactive sales manager!

Time management strategies for proactive sales managers – Give these a try:

Here are a few of the points that you could try with your sales team members:

Undergo a 2-week diary analysis to see where time is currently being spent

  • Document time spent on new MICE leads vs account management
  • Document time spend on particular accounts
  • Diarise time spent in the office and on appointments
  • Diarise appointment times and duration to ensure time is being maximised
  • Track activity (proactive calls and emails) vs how many appointments made

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Analyse diary together

  • Are all the appointments on certain days of the week?
  • Are all the appointments in the same place? Can we minimise travel time?
  • Consider using a map to locate companies/agencies and leads to minimising travel time
  • How successful are the 2 days of proactivity in making appointments?
  • – Create a schedule of where time should be spent. Includes time split in to
  • researching new business, account management, admin and appointments

Generating New Leads

  • Do you have a database that you are currently working through?
  • How are you doing this and is it effective?
  • Work to split current MICE clients into a client-type matrix per property (including training, pharma, Technology, Automotive, Fashion, Food/Beverage)
  • Use this matrix to analyse where your current biggest spenders are, and use this is a starting point to research new business

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