Christmas upselling is topical in venues-land whether it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn. The reason for it’s constant omnipresence is obvious. Hotels, venues, bars, restaurants and other non-residential venues generate SO much money during the festive season. In fact, some hospitality businesses can make more money in December than an entire quarter during another time of year.

As a result, the pressure is on sales teams to deliver make-or-break results. It’s full on, and it can feel overwhelming. But, Christmas sales and profitability are easier to deliver than you might think, when you’ve got these Santa’s little helpers up your sleeve.

What Every Salesperson Should Know About Christmas Upselling

What is Christmas Upselling? – It’s a revenue super-booster that encourages Christmas enquirers to spend more than they had initially intended.

How does Christmas upselling work? – There’s method behind the madness of getting enquirers to exceed the figure they had in mind. And thankfully, it doesn’t require selling your Granny up the river or any old-school aggressive selling. The secret is selling on value, rather than on price. For example, they’ll benefit from a superior value proposition if they upgrade from good to better or from better to best.

When is Christmas upselling most effective? – The failproof time to upsell is during the pre-conversion period, before your prospect becomes your client. Now is the time to laser focus on the difference in value between your bronze and silver packages, or your silver and gold. So long as it’s an absolute budgetary no-no for them, why wouldn’t they bag themselves so much more for so little extra? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Why does Christmas upselling matter? – The more sales on your higher priced Christmas packages the better. It’s sheer common sense. In addition, your clients benefit from more bangs per buck. And as a result, happy clients are more likely to become repeat clients. So, upselling is potentially more than a one trick pony.

At Selling Savvy, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without upselling, cross-selling and incremental sales. So, I’m asking you this question today….Are you 100% confident that all your sales staff are equipped to get the Christmas tills ringing out?

Drop me a line at or take a look at our website and let’s have a chat about our tailored workshop options, it might be the icing on your Christmas cake this year.

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