As a sales professional, we all love to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

It reduces the reliance on proactive sales, (although we should never stop!) and if our client moves, we hope that they take their little black book of contacts or email addresses with them

It makes business a pleasant experience all round. Its like we have our own network of ‘client’ friends.

So how do we ensure we build on these relationships and make them last?

Let us consider what qualities we look for in our friendships:

  • Trustworthy

  • Supportive

  • Listening

  • Your best interest in mind

  • Loyalty

The above qualities are no different to when you build your relationships with your direct clients.


We have to ensure that the advice we offer is one that offers support, your client needs to understand that you have their best interest at heart, you do not suggest something for the sake of the ‘sale’


With longevity, your client will become to trust you, you will be there ‘go to’ for advice, guidance and as a port of call when they need a service or venue. The trust element will ensure the repeat business.


Of course, listening has to be the pivotal point of the overall relationship, if you do not listen and take on board your clients needs, concerns or anxieties, they will not feel valued and certainly will not wish to engage with you in the long term.


If you demonstrate that you care and have their best interest in mind for your client, even if the product or service is not right for your venue, showing you care and offering suitable alternative options, will make your client feel that you understand their needs.


If we demonstrate the above, the return will be loyalty, your client will, where possible give you the sales enquiries. They will recommend and refer you as a great person to do business with.

A ‘client’ friendship is formed and will no doubt be rewarding for you both.


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