Every year Selling Savvy chooses a different charity to support. This year we are working with the charity UKHarvest to promote their extremely valuable efforts. UKHarvest is on a mission to eliminate hunger and food waste through education and the redistribution of surplus food!

They are a food rescue charity that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it direct and free of charge, to those who need it most.

UKHarvest relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, some grant and national funding, helped by loyal volunteers to support our operation.

The charity operates with a tight but passionate crew of both full/part time members of staff, including the CEO Yvonne Thomson who founded the charity in 2017.

On the last page of their handout you will see a page from UKHarvest outlining 6 things you can do to combat food waste within your own home. We hope you find it useful!

Please do follow UKHarvest on socials and support Selling Savvy in supporting them!

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