Corporate booking agents more than ever need to feel they have the support and loyalty from you at venues. We, as sales professionals need to ensure that they feel they can trust us to provide the right service, space or event for their client.

Agents will have nurtured and looked after their clients for many years, it is essential that we respect that relationship and always ensure the agent is seen in the best possible light for providing the right solution for their client.


Here are a few tips straight from the horse’s mouth (we mean Femke, our very own agent!) ….

Qualify, as we see the sales office reduce or the team working minimum hours, now more than ever is the need to qualify the enquiries, a lot of time is spent on completing proposals and holding the space!

Smaller independent agents will be choosier with how many venues they put forward; they will be more inclined to do the research for their client to find the best option. Never underestimate the value of a small back room agent! Some of my largest wins have come from a one man / lady band!

Communication –Unlike corporate clients, agents are used to the use of  jargon and abbreviations, these can be used in the initial conversation with the agent, be mindful when you are writing a proposal that jargon isn’t used as this may be sent direct to the client. It is worth agreeing a follow up time frame and how they would like this, by email, phone call? The agent in turn must wait for their client to decide, and this maybe a lengthy process if it needs to go to a board or higher management.

Completing RFPS some agents will use different platforms (C-vent / Venue Directory etc) these need to be completed accurately and in a timely fashion. Agents need to provide several proposals to their clients so will appreciate a quick response – Top Tip – If you can’t accommodate please add in the comments in the RFP why,  this will demonstrate that the agent has given the client numerous venues options and the reasons why it can’t be accommodated. It is important to include what measures your hotel has put into place for Covid-19, include your policy (website link) and any other relevant procedures.

Frank and Open  – Agents will want these conversations, they also will want the assurance that the venues can deliver what they promise, The agent needs ensure their client is given the best options so an informed decision can be made, ultimately the agent needs to be seen in the best possible light from the client – and will work with venues who can help achieve this.

Partnership – Now more than ever there is a joint collaboration needed to ensure both agent and venue are working in harmony, the agent has to ensure that the venue is Covid-19 compliant so they in turn can offer assurances to their client. Both agent and venue will need to work together during the run up to the event, to ensure track and trace is maintained on the day, bubbles are agreed from the client / venue and delivery of the service on the day.


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